Lieder, die mir am Herzen liegen…

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Re: Lieder, die mir am Herzen liegen…

von Angie am 24.02.2018 13:58

Ich höre zur Zeit Casting Crowns (Mix aus verschiedenen Alben) und Third Day (Lead us back: Songs of worship). Meine zwei Lieblingslieder momentan: 

Make me a river (Casting Crowns):

In the morning when I rise, Jesus be my eyes!
Before the day rushes in with you is where I begin.
As you sing over me with your love I will sing praise for all you have done!
Fill my heart as I hunger for you, flood my mind with your wisdom, your mercy, your truth!
Father, make me a river, come living water, flow through me!
You are the one that I thirst for, so come living water, flow through me!
Guide every step I take, Lord let me not wander away!
Father, fill every word I speak with the same grace that you've given me!
Touch the world with my hands, they are yours. Let my love show the lost that you are the Lord!

Your words (Third Day):

Let me hear your words,
above all other voices, above all the distrations in this world!
For your words bring life, and your voice speaks promises,
Lord your love offers more than anything else in this world!
Your words give us life that's never ending,
your words bring us love that never fails.
Everything else will fade away,
but what will remain are your words!

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